This page shows a short list of bigger events that I have been to, but it is also a sort of trophy case where I will post if I have won something. This page will hopefully be updated during the season, so stop by and have a look once and a while. Will put some photos and such from the events on the page as well.

Svenska Bilsportmässan 2006

Event in Stockholm during the auntumn of 2006. I was invited their by the internet community Didn't win anything, but I have one heck of a time, hopefully I will get to return there auntumn of 2007.

Bilsport Performance and Custom Motorshow

Event at Elmia in Jönköping during Easter of 2007. Once again I was invited by, and once again I didn't win anything. I had a really fun time however, and saw a lot of cool rides. I also made some new very good contacts.