Here you can find some interesting links to different things, such as my sponsor, friends, and other fun things. Hope they are useful in some way or another. - This link will take you to Lmkonsults page. It's a company that does everything regarding graphic design. From homepages, venyl for cars, blueprints, and everything in between. -  Here you can find high quality putty and other plastic related products, well suited for building cars. Hagmans is one of my sponsors, and they also work closely with Koeningsegg, with that in mind, if you are looking for putty, don't look any further. - Link to another sponsor of mine. They offer carcleaning services, and paint protection services among other things.

Svempas lack - Paintshop located in Tostared, some way east of Gothenburg. They are very skilled at what they do, and deliver top end results. They mostly work with trucks, but if you give them your car, they will hook you up with exactly what you want. - This link goes to my sisters boyfriends homepage. He has a BMW e36 320, and like me he builds most of his own mods. Among the things he has built, is a real cool middle console. He really loves neon, so if you are a neon-freak, like me, make sure to check this link out. - Link to one of my sponsors. They make and sell caraudio. MTX is orginally american, but they are also established in Europe. They make really good stuff, so if you are looking for audio to your car, make sure to check out their page! Why not upgrade your car with a 22" jackhammer bass?

If you wish to contact us, you can reach us on mail,