The Project

During the winter of 2006-2007 the interior of the car was modified, this was made possible mostly due to the sponsorship made with MTX audio. A showcar needs a good soundsystem, and that is just what they deliviered. Two 2 way frontsystems together with a 15 inch base just pumps out watts in the car! The sound is close to breathtaking, and close to crystal clear. LIke always we have documented the build, and below you can click on the link and see what we did, and how we did it.

During the winter and summer of 2005-2006 the car went through some mayor modifications. We manufactured a whole bodykit in cellplastic, and puttied it onto the car. To top the whole thing off, we painted the whole thing with a real showpaint, that attracts a lot of eyes. If you want to see what we did, click on the link below. Also, make sure to click in on the picture link to check out the result of our labours.

Here you can read about what we have done to the car, step by step, and how we did it, but also what will happen to the car in the near future. Unfortunatly, since we are building the things our selves, our plans keep changing. This is just a fact when you try to create something, it never quite ends up just as you planned from the beginning. Especially as we find more radical ideas all the time that we rather implement then the old boring ideas we had from the beginning. Hopefully I won't be lying to much. To make it possible to see the whole building process, we have splitted up the construction information into two parts. One goes through the construction of the front-spoiler, and one of the back-spoiler

Other modifications

Besides the modifications to the front and rear of the car, we have built an intake pipe in red aluminium, and of course added a open air filter from K&N. The front has also been cleared from some of the plastic that was there before, and we have then added some red net instead. The same goes for the back end. Other then this we have also put some neon under the car, but also in the car, beneath the driver and passanger seats. The middle-console has been modified to house the kill-switches that controls the neon. There will probably be more neon at the beginning of the summer, since we hopefully will have time to build some multimedia in the car. The middle-console will probably be complemented with a screen for watching movies and other.




Widebody kit