Welcome to Piegacuz Styling!

   Page updated with pictures from Elmia! Look under Events! In other news, Car is now on MTX european page! Click here to have a look!

The design of the page has been somewhat updated, and now you can also read about the interior modifications that have been done to the car. You will find it under the project link.

This is our official page where you can find information about us, our project and other things. This page is dedicated to our project which is to totally restyle a Mitsubishi Eclipse. Unlike many other styled cars out there today, our mods are totally hand built. We strive to get a totally unique car, and in order to do so, we have decided to build our own mods. We started off by building a back-skirt and then continued with rebuilding the front. At the moment we are building a wide-body kit and side skirts, that we estimate will be done this summer. If you are interested there are some pictures of how the car looked before we started building the wide-body kit, but there are also a couple of pictures on how the car looks at the moment. Since I don't want to spoil this before you have left the start page, I will stop here. To learn more click in on the project link.

Pictures are always fun, so if you want to see some, click on the picture link. At the moment there are not that many pictures, but the car has only been out one summer. There will be more soon. Also, make sure to click in and check out my friends rides on the links meny.

Last but not least we have the Sponsor link, there I have listed my current sponsors, so you can check them out.

I hope you find something of interest on our page, and if you have any questions or other, feel fre to contact us. E-mail addresses and other can be found under the links menu.